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Colautti Enterprises is a service that offers stragetic development and support of Internet pages. The approach is very different from that of the average web page developer. Rather than focus on developing independent web pages for businesses, we also develop marketing schemes and integrate the businesses web page into a larger context. This offers a maximum exposure and impact that most small and mid-sized business pages cannot hope to achieve on their own.

In addition to web page development we also offer a range of cartographic services. Thematic and topographical maps of any nature can be purchased. Maps are available in any format; printed, electronic, or as sensitized html maps.

Our Most Successful project to date is Dive Into the Net [DiveNet] a geographically based scuba exploration platform for Ontario. It has been a very successful and well received site that will soon expand. Even if you are not a scuba diver, a visit to this page will convince you of the power of the methods we employ to develop Internet sites.

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