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Cartography/Geographical Information Systems

The main thrust of Colautti Enterprises is to develop map-based systems for clients whose businesses inherently have some geographic focus, such as tourism. These businesses are currently poorly served by the normal modes of web page delivery. Text based searches are a poor alternative to the power of map-based searches. The human mind is capable of grasping and retaining far more information if it is presented in a pictorial format rather than a text format. A single map can support many times the number of active links than a text list can. A person quickly gets lost in the navigation of nested trees of text links. However, they easily maintain their bearings in a visually based search as they descend and move laterally through map trees.


The design of a web page is only the beginning step. Unfortunately many businesses feel that the posting of the web page is the completion of the task. The search engines that are so essential to the Internet are a research tool, not a marketing tool. A search engine listing no more markets your product than an entry in the phone book. We offer strategies to promote your web page on the Internet and off.

Information Management

The organization, collection and retrieval of data is important in any endeavour. We can design manuals, instructional software and presentation packages. Programs are available for organizational techniques. Various styles of information management appropriate to the end user are offered.

Strategic Consulting

Simply put, most web pages don't have a point. We've heard numerous people say "It's time I got on the Internet". Yet when pressed as to why they think their business needs a web presence, they usually are unable to think of a reason. If an intelligent well reasoned plan does not underlie your web page design, you would be better not to have one.

What often happens is the current promotional material that the business uses is simply plopped down on the web site for lack of any other ideas. Most web page developers go along with this model, because they also do not take the time to formulate a intelligent plan of action, and implement it in focused steps.

As an example, there would be a vast difference in the requirements and implementation of web pages for the following businesses.

Colautti Enterprises can help you develop not only your web page, but the goals you are hoping to achieve with the page. After helping you identify your key goals we go through a flowchart process to help structure the development process of your web presence.


As information specialists we can assist you in finding information that you need. The internet is awash with information, finding it is difficult. We can conduct simple searches for an elusive fact, or prepare a detailed report on any topic. Perhaps you would like to construct an Internet resource list for your firm, or wish an exhaustive report on web pages from competing businesses? Is there a cheaper supplier out there, or someone who is looking for your service? It is ironic that while many businesses establish their own Internet site, they often don't use the resources of the Internet themselves.


A catalogue of software is slowly being put together. The primary focus is educational software and mapping software. These products will not be available for some time. Currently, software is produced on an individual client basis. Software is available in numerous languagues such as C++, JAVA, JavaScript, Delphi, or Visual Basic. Contact us if you have a need we might fill.


A wide variety of professional education modules are available. They span most major topic areas from Geography, English, Science, Mathematics, Computer Software, Information Management. This service is still in the development stage, so you will need to contact us for further information.

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