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The Studio and shop was established in January 1979 and is owned and operated by Bill and Mae Adler. Mae has a B.A. from the University of Guelph and Bill is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and is a teacher in Dufferin County.

Stained Glass as an Art and Craft has regained its well deserved popularity. Glass in its variety of colour, textures, and densities can create an atmosphere that will compliment any interior design scheme.

Glass panels or lamps can provide a touch of elegance and richness enjoyed at the turn of the century.

Bold abstracts, panoramas, traditional Victorian designs, mythological beasts, Chinese dragons, and classical florals are all individually designed and interpreted in glass. We produce work in both copper foil and the traditional lead came technique. Look to GlassCraft to provide individualized service, maintain artistic integrity and age-old craftsmanship.

Our studio provides a variety of specialized work.

  • Kiln work
  • Slump glass
  • etching and sand blasting
  • Church restoration
  • Repairs

The Shop

The shop contains a huge assortment of our custom made stained glass as well as a large assortment of gifts.

  • Sun-Catchers
  • Pewter Fantasy figurines
  • Celtic and native jewellery
  • Jewellery boxes in glass and wood
  • Paper weights
  • Mouthblown vases
  • Lava Lamps
  • Oil lamps, chimneys and shades
  • Decorative bottles and glasses
  • Pewter sconces, wine glasses, and tableware
  • Garden gazing balls and stepping stones

The shop also sells supplies

  • Wide selection of stained glass
  • Commercial Bevels
  • Lamp supplies, bases, caps, custom wiring
  • Books
  • Lead came and copper foil
  • Tools, soldering irons, grinders, glass cutters, diamond saws etc.
  • Beading supplies
  • Seed beads and looms, needles, thread


Stained glass is a centuries old art form that is enjoying a period of renewed popularity in the 20th century. This media is again challenging today's artists and craftspeople to experiment in new directions and to discover traditional centuries old techniques.

The process involved in creating stained glass, both traditional and modern is taught at our studio within the shop. Instruction is available in both the copper foil or Tiffany technique as well as the centuries old lead came technique. You may also select from courses specializing in Lamp Making, Surface Treatment, such as glass painting, staining, etching, frosting, sandblasting, carving and glue chipping glass.

Now you can also learn Hot Glass techniques such as mould making fusing, casting, slumping, draping and bead making.

Part 1: Copper Foil Technique
1Lecture on history, tools techniques, types of glass, metals, chemicals ,safety, glass cutting (curves and straight lines), as well as how to set up a home studio
2Work Session- review of techniques, first project- preparation of the cartoon and pattern, glass cutting, grinding, foiling, soldering and finishing procedures.
3Work session- selection of major project, enlarging techniques, cartoon and pattern preparation, glass cutting
4Work session - grinding, foiling, soldering, finishing, and installation

Part 2: Lead Came Technique
1History, tools, techniques including set up, and assembly, soldering, cementing, and finishing. Particular attention will be given to reinforcing the leaded panel.
2Work session- the practice panel preparation of the cartoon and pattern, glass cutting, leading soldering, cementing and finishing.
3Work session- selection of major project, preparation of the cartoon and pattern, glass selection and glass cutting.
4Work session- leading, soldering

Part 3: Advanced Techniques
1Lecture and demonstration - acid etching, frosting, and sandblasting, materials, tools and techniques, hazards and safety precautions.
2Work session - preparation and execution of practice project.
3Lecture and demonstration of painting on glass, tools, techniques, preparation of a cartoon, setting up of an easel, tracing, matting, staining and kiln work.
4Lecture and demonstration of glue chipping and production technique.

Part 4: Hot Glass
1Lecture and demonstration, fusing glass, coefficient of expansion, annealing, ramping, kiln management, use of fibrefrax, compatibility testing and the spectrometer.
2Mould making, castables and separators, pate de verre, slumping and draping
3Work session- Jewellery making, dichoric glass
4Introduction to lamp work, beadmaking and hot glass forming.

Commencement of Classes
Classes begin on the first Thursday of the month and go for four Thursdays. Studio nights are Fridays thereafter for completion of your first major project. Six students form a Class
The instruction fee for all courses is $100. This fee covers material costs for the first project, for Part 1 and Part 2 students only.Students taking Part 1 must purchase a basic stained glass kit. The instruction fee is not refundable and must be paid on registration or one week prior to start of class.
Stained Glass Kit
The basic stained Glass tool Kit recommended by Glasscraft is the best selection of tools for the beginning glass crafts person. This kit is comparable to those tools used at GlassCraft and should provide many years of satisfactory use. The cost may vary depending on personal selection of each tool. Please note, the cost of the kit will exceed the price of the lessons. The recommended kit includes:
  • A carbide oil glass cutter
  • A pair of grozers
  • A Weller 100 temperature controlled soldering iron
  • A diamond headed water cooled glass grinder
  • Foil pattern shears
  • A fid

Location and Hours

GlassCraft is located on the north side of Broadway, between First and Mill Street. Parking is available on the street in front of the store, or on the south side of Broadway by driving through the tunnel next to the liquor store.

PROPRIETOR Bill and Mae Adler PHONE (519)941-2505
ADDRESS 159 Broadway FAX
CITY/TOWN Orangeville, Ontario E-MAIL

HOURS OF OPERATION Mon-Weds. 10:00am-6:00pm
Thurs.& Fri. 10:00am-9:00pm
Sat. 9:00-6:00pm

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