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Welcome to Colautti Enterprises Home Page. Colautti Enterprises is a small Canadian business devoted to various aspects of information management. It is based in Orangeville Ontario. Colautti Enterprises as an Internet presence was first formed in 1996.

Mission Statement

It is the management and presentation of relevant information that is the key in any successful Internet site. Colautti Enterprises strives to develop clear, coherent and organized web sites that will best serve you and your customers. Flooding a web page with un-organized information, irrelevant, repetitive links and distracting, time-consuming images and glitter is not the way to professionally promote your business.

Most web sites are simply repetitions of traditional promotional literature. Colautti Enterprises believes that web sites, to be truly successful, must recognize that the medium is inherently different from other promotional schemes and that this difference must be reflected in the final site design.

Unlike other companies, the web pages we develop are not stand-alone creations. Colautti Enterprises offers a support service and background structure to help place the web page in a broader context. This is essential for any web page because of the huge number of pages out there and the wide audience that exists.

This support service is especially important for small businesses who may not be able to support a useful web page individually. Many companies suffer from web pages that contain little more than a promotional logo. A visitor to the page would come away with little useful information or idea of what the company represented.

Horizontally integrating businesses into a larger site creates something akin to a shopping mall on the Internet. Rather than having a web page that is in direct competition with all the other pages out there, the support service Colautti Enterprises offer takes a different approach. Your site and any others in the same field become mutually supportive, allowing the development of a far more elaborate web site than each business could afford individually. This approach would be more attractive for the potential customer who would be rewarded with an extensive array of information presented to them when they visited the site.

Design Philosophy

The following gives a brief overview of the considerations made in designing a web page:

Relevance and Usefulness: Will the page serve a purpose? Is there a market for the information? Or are you just wasting your money?

Compatibility: The page is designed to function on the widest range of browsers possible.

Simplicity: Only essential features are included. No unnecessary or distracting frills simply because they are ‘cool'.

Speed: Sites are compact, especially images, to keep download times to a minimum. You do not have a captive audience like Television, people won't wait for tedious transmissions.

On-Line Testing: All sites are tested on line using a variety of browsers to make sure that they function as designed. There are too many websites out there that do not work correctly. Obviously the designers never tested the finished product before releasing the site.

Graphics: Simple, bold, iconic and compact graphics are chosen for quick download times. They must be functional on small, low resolution monitors and be simple to understand.

Site Navigation: The site should be easy to negotiate and be difficult to get lost in. Information must be categorized intelligently so that a visitor is not un-sure as to what link to follow when looking for something. If necessary a site flowchart gives visitors a better sense of how the site is laid out.

Areas of Expertise Include


A diverse education with degrees in Physics and Mathematics, Geography, Education and specialties in Computer Science, English and History. These wide ranging qualifications provide expertise as a cross-over specialist. Seven years employment with Parks Canada and eight years teaching experience provide a knowledge and skill base for information management, presentation and education.

Extensive programming experience with applications developed for terrain mapping programs, fractal mathematics and various scientific applications.

Developed numerous courses and manuals for programs relating to Geography, English, Physics, Rocketry, Music and Living History, and organizational techniques.

Solid skills as a cartographer and surveyor.

Developed algorithms and software to optimize computer generated maps.

Charity Work

For selected charities web sites will be designed for free, or for tax receipts of equivalent value. Also we accept sponsorships for charity pages from interested parties. All such work is at the sole discretion of Colautti Enterprises. Please contact for more information.

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