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Welcome to Ontario's only Map-based scuba diving database. This is a comprehensive site designed around Ontario's diving landscape. It will help you discover the huge variety of diving around Ontario and put you in touch with the dive shop operators and support services needed to plan your excursion. Detailed descriptions of the type of diving in each region is provided, as well as information on the landscape, activities, and accomodations. You can search the site through diving maps, search by businesses, or look up specific Ontario Shipwrecks.

Dive Into the Net is now merged with Ontario Explorer which is a map-based tourism search platform for all topics within Ontario. Dive into the Net remains intact as a specialized service of Ontario Explorer.

Special Notice: Is Sport Diving on Shipwrecks about to be licenced or banned?

A private members bill has passed second reading on November 25. If passed the bill bans all unlisenced access to all shipwrecks in Ontario's waterways. This bill apparently has grave consequences for sport diving in the province. Read more about this bill and its consequences Show me!

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If you are a new visitor please go to the START or HELP menu before you try to do a search. It will explain how the site is layed out and show you how to navigate the site easily and quickly.

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The Start Menu contains all the help files for navigating this site. The Map Index is the main search engine for the site. The QuickIndex lists all the businesses, while the Shipwreck Index locates shipwrecks by name.
American Visitors
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The visitor files are designed to give specific help and introductions to people coming in from Canada, the United States, or the rest of the world. Information on border crossings, currency, diving regulations etc. can be found in these indexes. Take a moment to sign the GuestBook. Your comments are very valuable. All information is strictly confidential.
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Site Performance 1997
Ontario Explorer
The PhotoGallery is the newest feature for 1999. For those interested in adding their businesses to the site you can check out our performance for 1997. 1998 statistics will be posted soon. Don't forget the site is now merged with Ontario Explorer!

Browser Requirements

This site is designed around maps and works best with Netscape 2.0. or higher. It can be used with graphics turned off, if you wish, but it will be more difficult. Minimal use of advanced features are used to make the site accessible to all browsers. However, Netscape 4.0 offers some compelling features that will be incorporated into the site over the following months. The site will continue to work with older browsers but consider upgrading.

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