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Region1: SouthWestern Ontario: District Eastern

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The North Shore of Lake Erie is quiet orchards against the sky, bluffs skirting beaches, stretches of rolling farm field scattershot with tiny communities. Highway 3 is the preferable corridor if you want to really see the land. With more time permitting wander down all the back roads, especially the ones near the lake shore. A profusion of parks and conservation areas await you. The most significant of them is Long Point Provincial park jutting far out into the lake.


Cities, Towns and Places

St. Thomas

Founded in 1810 St. Thomas is a bedroom community to London. Several historic buildings grace the town which has been nicknamed the "Garden City" because of its impressive floral displays in its parks.


Named after Sir John Graves Simcoe, the first Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada. Settled by a loyalist the town was destroyed by maurading Americans during the war of 1812 but was rebuilt. Fruits, vegetables and tobacco crops are the primary industries in Simcoe.


Small town named after George Tillson who settled here in 1822


An historic town, it features the traditional river and mill. Located in very hilly, scenic country the town features several restaurants and shops.

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