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DiveNetLogoDive Into the Net is a specialized search platform that targets the scuba diving environment within the province. It is a subset of Ontario Explorer but contains distinct information pertinent to divers such as shipwreck locations, different photogallery and business index

In association with Amazon Books Ontario Explorer will be offering a selection of books on topics related to this site. You can browse our book catalogue, or click on the logo and go directly to Amazon.

Our newest feature is our company store where you can order merchandise online. Our first offering is our Ontario Explorer Fridge Magnets. Beautiful photographic images from around Ontario are bonded to magnets and are ready to display. They are a very popular item.

About Ontario Explorer


Welcome to the inaguration of Ontario Explorer a map-based search engine for the province of Ontario. This page is a generalized version of its "sister-ship" Dive Into the Net which is a scuba diving exploration platform for Ontario.

Our Mission

The main purpose of this search engine is to allow the potential visitor to Ontario to explore the endless possibilities within the province and contact the necessary businesses and support services that they may need. This site is inherently graphical in nature and so your images should be turned on. Your browser should support client side sensitive maps. The site will work best with Netscape 2 or higher. If you are a new visitor to the site, be sure to visit the Introduction menu before you begin your search. It will explain how the site is layed out and show you how to navigate the sites various indexes easily and quickly.

Special Note

In this initial release regions one through four are active. If you click on regions five through twelve or access any Great Lake you will be linked into Dive-Into-The-Net. While this is a platform that caters specifically to the diving community the maps and overview offered are comprehensive enough to allow a general exploration until the remaining sections of Ontario Explorer are issued. The remaining maps will be released in the next few months.

Active Regions

  1. SouthWestern Ontario
  2. Festival Country
  3. Lakelands
  4. Metropolitan Toronto
  5. Getaway Country
  6. Ontario East
  7. Near North
  8. Rainbow Country
  9. Algoma Country
  10. James Bay Frontier
  11. North of Superior
  12. Sunset Country


The maps of the Great Lake concentrate on specific shorelines to help you isolate activity by water body. They also provide more generalized information on the specific lake. However, the lakes are gigantic, so vacation planning is probably best decided from regional maps, not by lakes.

Regions one through six occupy the most populated section of Ontario, and have the greatest concentration of businesses, museums, towns, etc. Regions seven through nine are generally less populated,with urban centres getting smaller and farther in between. Here, the natural landscape excels.

Regions ten through twelve are getting remote and are not usual destinations for inhabitants of Southern Ontario. From Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota these areas can be accessed in a few hours driving. Coming from southern Ontario these areas are several days driving away. The northern most reaches of the province are reachable only through rail and air travel.

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