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As an American you may be unaware of the vacation posibilities in Ontario. There is a surprising amount of incorrect information in circulation about Canada. Canada is not so remote and cold a place as you may believe. Below is a list of quick facts that may surprise you:

Here are some facts about Ontario.

If you live in the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, or New York then you share either a land or water border with Ontario, and are within a six hour drive of a border.

If you live in the states of North Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland, Deleware, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, or Maine then you are within a single days drive of Ontario.

Border Crossings

All you will need to cross into Canada is an American Birth Certificate or Passport. Please be aware that weapons will not be allowed across the border. Hunting permits are available. There is a very serious zero tolerance law in effect at the borders. If you decide to bring recreational drugs with you, you could lose the vehicle that transports them across the border.

A list of border crossings is provided HERE


American money is readily accepted in Canada. The current exchange rate works in your favour. It has floated around 30% in the past few years. This gives you $1.30 Canadian for every American dollar, a considerable boost to your wallet. Most stores will give you a reasonable rate of exchange, but generally not as good as the exchange rate available in banks.

The Metric System

The highway system is labelled in metric. Here are the most common speeds you will encounter.

Speed [km/h] Speed [MPH] Where
30 18 residential
5030 residential
60 36 city streets
80 48 highways
90 54 some highways
100 60 400 series highways

The START HERE page will explain how the site is layed out.Maps of North America will provide a better understanding of Ontario's location compared to the U.S. Border crossing maps are also provided. From there you can proceed into maps of the province and begin to explore.

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