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Ontario shares border crossings with Minnesota, Michigan, and Ohio. Ohio and Pennyslvania share water access to Ontario that accounts for some entry from these states. Ferry entry from Ohio into Ontario is possible.


Below is a list of border crossing points into Ontario from the U.S. They are indicated as yellow circles on the map. The border crossings connect to one of three major Ontario highways. The Trans-Canada or #11, which crosses not only Ontario but the country, the 401 highway which runs along the top of Lake Erie and Ontario, and the QEW (Queen Elizabeth Way) which connects the New York crossings to Toronto and the 401 highway.

Town names appearing in Italics indicate the closest large town near the actual border point

Border Crossings

U.S City Highway access Canadian City Major Highway
Baudette 72 Rainy River 11
International Falls 53/11 Fort Frances 11
Grand Portage 61 Thunder Bay 61
Sault St. Marie I-75 Sault St. Marie 11
Port Huron I-94 Sarnia 402
Detroit I-75 Windsor 401
Buffalo I-90 Fort Erie QEW
Niagara Falls I-90 Niagara Falls QEW
Lewiston I-90 Queenston 401
Cape Vincent 12E Kingston 401
Alexandria Bay I-81 Gananoque 401
Ogdensburg 37 Prescott 401
Messina 37 Cornwall 401

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