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Region1: SouthWestern Ontario: District Sydenham

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The gently rolling landscape of farm and field guard the banks as the Sydenham and its tributaries wend its way through dozens of small communities. Larger cities like London offer a multitude of parks and attractions. Beaches like Grand Bend throb with the music of hot summer nights. Tiny parks, museums and larger conservation areas are sprinkled throughout the mostly rural region.



Cities, Towns and Places

Grand Bend

The proverbial summer playground, the town, as its name suggests is on a grand bend along the lake shore. The boomerang shaped beach stretches endlessly along the coast. The shore line becomes a throng of bodies in the summer heat. Nearby Pinery Provincial Park is a popular camping area that catches the huge overflow from the towns summer vacationers.


Dating from 1793, the city was once considered to be the site of the provincial capital. Though this possibility was never realized the city has nonetheless thrived and grown to nearly 300,000 people. The city is remarkable for its parks. Some 15% of the cities landscape is parkland. Storybook gardens is certainly one of the most famous attractions (for children) in these parks.


Originally called "The Rapids" and then Port Sarnia the city has grown to a population of 50,000 and is a major transportation centre for traffic on road, rail or water. The city also is a centre for the petrochemical industry. The Blue Water bridge to the U.S. overlooks a string a parks that stretch along the river banks. Scuba divers find the current offers challenging and exciting diving. The public library in town has a collection of several hundred art works.


Small community located south west of London. Set in a picturesque area along the Sydenham river the town is noteworthly for its Victorian houses. Several conservation areas and historic structures can be found nearby.

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