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Region 3: LakeLands, District Saugeen-Huron

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Listowel Pumping Station


Tucked away from the more populated sections of southern Ontario the rolling fields and lakeshore invite your explorations. A glimpse of the often covered past is had in many towns that have preserved their historic charm. Towns like Goderich with the unusual wagon-wheel town centre that is rarely seen in Canada. Many communities have moved from an agricultural base to a more tourism oriented economy. The result is a constant supply of new and interesting things to see and do.



Cities, Towns and Places


This beautiful town on the shores of Lake Huron has the distinction of having an octagonal town centre with radial road pattern, a great rarity in North American towns.


The town has a history in the small industries such as furniture making. Today its economy depends on summer tourism. The harbour is graced by a lighthouse, a bridge and a cityscape of stonemasonary from a by-gone age.


This farming community boasts some lovely works of architecture and several fine restaurants.


Picturesque community on the shores of Lake Huron. The warm sand beaches here offer a contrast to the cooler waters and rocky coasts of the nearby Bruce Peninsula.

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