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Waruwanago has been providing diving charters in the waters of Pelee Passage for over five years. To ensure your safety, sastification and enjoyment, all of the boats are captained by an Instructor or Divemaster who are very familiar with all the dive sites. All crew members love to dive, so if you need a guide or buddy they are more than happy to help. We are extending our services to include Dock/Beach side picnics, Treasure hunts, post-dive lunches on Pelee Island, and sunset cruises along the beautiful shoreline of Point Pelee National Park.

Our Boats

Waruwanago (Where-u-wana-go) boat charters has three different dive boats to cater to individual divers and club events. All boats have LORAN-C, VHF radios, cell phones, oxygen and first aid kits.

32ft Luhrs

Our 32ft Luhrs has all the amenities needed, with a big swim platform, head, heated cabin, with plenty of room for the sun lovers. Can accomodate 10 divers.


27ft Harbour Craft

The 27ft Harbour Craft comes complete with a cuddy cabin and a head. Can accomodate 6 divers.


75ft Tug

Our 75ft tug is perfect for those large groups. Completely enclosed to porvide protection from the elements. Can accomodate 20 divers. Available for the months of July and August only.

The Environment

The George Stone is a 283ft wooden freighter that sank on Grubbs Reef on October 13, 1909. It has a triple compound steam engine with huge propellers. An exciting fun dive for any level of diving. Depth 37ft.

The Clarion is a 254ft freighter that sank on December 8 1909. It has a composite construction, with the wooden upper deck burned in the fire before it sank. The wreck is intact. Depth 65ft.

The Specular is a 278ft vessel that sank on August 27, 1900. On display are two huge boilers, a three cylinder steam engine, stock anchor, clam anchor and cargo of high grade specular iron ore.

The Willis is a 131ft, three masted schooner that sank on November 11, 1872. The bow sprit, capstan, windlass, steering gear and numerous deadeyes are still preserved on this treasure. Depth 70ft.

The Tasmania is a wooden schooner that foundered on October 20, 1905. The most impressive sight is of the two enormous wooden stock bow anchors. Depth 40ft.



PADI open water instructor on staff. Private classes, referrals accepted.