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As a Canadian you will not need to be familiarized with the province as much as foreigners. However, it is worthwhile to look at the pages for world-wide visitors and American visitors, and Ontario's location relative to the U.S. Most of us really forget the true size of this province and its grandeur. Traveling to England once, I asked a farmer about the castle ruins in his backyard. His response was to say "Wot Castle?". Familiarity truly breeds contempt. Living next to this piece of history for his whole life had blinded him to its presence. The Great Lakes are one of the marvels of the world, and our closeness to them makes us forget how fortunate we are in Canada to be the guardians of this precious spectacle.

This page is specifically designed to help you enjoy Ontario's diving landscape. The site is free to your use, and I intend to keep it that way. However, this site has cost a lot of money to start it up, and that cost is going to grow. The site has to pay for itself by business advertisements and sponsorships. If you know a business that might benefit from this service, and in turn finance the continuing growth of this site, then let them know of Dive-Into-The-Net's existence and your honest opinion of the site's potential. If you use this site in the next year to plan a dive, be sure to let the stores you visit know if their dollars were well spent here.

How You can Help

I have an extensive database of dive sites I have built up in the past two years prior to releasing this site, but without sponsorship, I can't afford to develop and release them. The current site is less than one-tenth complete, yet it is already the most extensive geographic data base I have been able to find anywhere on the WWW. If you wish to make suggestions to me, I'll happily receive them.

Dive-Into-The-Net: Beyond Ontario

Dive-Into-the-Net is soon going to expand beyond Ontario. By July 1997 Dive Into the Net: West Coast and Dive-Into-The-Net: East Coast will be released. If you wish to participate as a business or make suggestions as to your favourite regions you would like included please contact me.

I haven't forgotten the other Provinces and Territories. It is just the scale and scope of this project are forcing me to target the densest areas of diving first. I have an extensive data base of the East and West Coast, but little to no information on the central provinces and territories. If you are an interested business in these remaining regions, contact me and the release date for these zones may be advanced.

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